Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our interveiw with Butcher and The Crow (Elisha Quintal)

What was your inspiration towards your collections?
The hidden things. It varies from collection to collection. But the process of making and the hand made are themes that I encorperate heavily into my work.

How would you describe the style of your designs and how are they unique?
Loose flowing and unconventionally feminine. They are unique because each garment is hand dyed – no two garments are ever exactly the same.

What techniques are used in your clothing?
I use a lot of print and hand dying method called Shibori which I learnt on a study trip to japan in 2006.

Where is your studio, and what work is don’t in there?
My studio is in east perth and I do my pattern making and sampling inhouse and the dying and printing is also done there. I share it with 5 artist and designers.

What courses have you completed to get you where you are today?
I have done completed 2 years of fine arts and a degree in fashion design and textiles at Curtin university. I have also done a cert 111 in clothing production.
And am currently at Curtin finishing my honors year in fine arts

What made you want to become a designer?
I don’t think there was ever a defining momnt. Ive always made clothes and it just seamed like the natural progressinon after highschool.

What parts of the design and construction process do you do your self, and which parts do factories or other people do?
Everything from patternmaking to sampling and then I outsource manufacturing.

What kinds of fabrics do you like to use?
Silk and leather.

Where do you get all of your fabrics?
Mostly from the eastern states. And a small amount locally but I buy all my fabrics plain and then dye them myself.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you know what a zine is?

It is a cheaply produced, self published underground publication. It is short for magazine and is often distributed on a small scale. They are produced for people who share the passion for what you are putting in your zine.

Where did they come from?
Originally started in the early 1970's, but the earliest citation known is from 1946.

If Zines are a 'fad', can they be related to fashion?
Yes they can, people are constantly putting current trends, music, art and culture into zones, people are constantly following all of these.

Another for of media that a zine can be likened to is an E-Zine, this is a zine published on the internet like a blog (an online magazine).

Do you know the difference between an E-Zine and a blog?
An E-Zine is more private and exclusive. Anyone can look at your blog and leave comments and become a fan where as you cant on an E-Zine.

Why would you produce a Zine?
To let people see what your interested in and see the passion you are sharing.
Are they commercial?
They are non commercial publications that are printed by their creators on a topic of their choice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogs i like and follow

bleed for fashion

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Theatre De Le Mode

Theatre De le Mode
In 1944, after WWII, Paris was struggling. It had once
been the fashion capitol of the world, but after this war, it saw many
 fashion houses to close down. The ones that were still open, were very
short of materials due to the rationing. They needed a way to get back
 into the public eye so they created the theatre de la mode..
Robert Ricci, the head of commission of public relations
at the Chambre Syndicale ’s idea was to organize an event to
raise money, the event being a collection of dolls, all to be dressed
 by the major fashion houses. The dolls were made of
 transparent wire, with plaster heads and stood 27 inches
 high. Each doll was immaculately dressed, and the details
on their clothing were exquisite, proper linings, trimmings,
 small purses and  powder compacts were also used. The dolls were set up on sophisticated backdrops, designed by some of the well
known artists of the time,Jean Cocteau, Christian Berard,
 Jean Saint-Marti and Jean Denis Malcles.

Based on our research and with the influence of someone from our previous activity, we designed an outfit to suit our fashion dolls. I chose to base my design on Madonna, i made a cone shape bra with a simple black leather skirt then topped it off with a cute little hat. This was a great activity and alot of fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



-  Analyze what sort of media is used to encourage the public adoption of the trend.

TV – There are programs on TV. (Such as RAGE) People can listen to the music and watch film clips. This is a great way to show off new and old songs.
RADIO – There is always new and old artists on the radio. They are always interviewing them and promoting new songs. When people here the songs on the radio they are encouraged to purchase music. They also are always talking about up and coming festivals and concerts and tell you how to buy tickets.
MAGS – There are pacific music magazines such as Xpress or J-MAG. They are direct music advertising, people can see up and coming festivals, concerts or new albums and read up on bands.

Music has been a major influence towards fashion in the 20th century.  A few examples are the following:

The Beatles (60’s)-  People were cutting their hair into the signature “bowl” cut and they were the first major band to start wearing full suits on stage.

Nirvana (90’s)- The Grunge look had people wearing ripped jeans, baggy shirts, cardigans, converse shoes and shaggy hair.

Motley Crew/Ramones (80’s)- The punk look encouraged people to start wearing skinny black jeans, black converse shoes, mullet., rocker styled hair and band t-shirts.

Madonna (80’s) - Madonna made the ‘cone’ shaped bra popular. She was huge on lace and vinyl and the beauty spot mole which later on had the piercing named after her.

The Spice Girls (90’s). The Spice Girls had a huge influence on fashion, having each of the 5 girls sporting a specific look.  Sporty Spice (sports wear), Baby Spice ( pinks, mini skirts, platforms and big blonde pony tails), Ginger Spice(English flag prints, orange hair, platforms ) Posh Spice ( Black bob hair, black dresses and black platforms) and last of all Scary Spice ( Huge afro brown curly hair, lots of animal print on everything, dark lipstick and platforms)

Bob Marley (70’s).  Bob Marley made “weed” cool having it printed on nearly everything, hippy clothing, tie dye, baggy pants, dread lochs, scruffy beards and the cute little beanies in Jamaican colours.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Street Fashion/arty cool things :D

Haylee's Jacket, and everything of course:D
 Phoebe's pants are rad!
Phoebe and Luka's necklaces
and ripped shirts
 Love Rebeccas jacket
 Rebecca, this picture is cool and arty:)
Rebeccas crazy feather jacket
Rachel Oldfield
I love her hair, if only mine would grow:(
Flapper girls at the Spiegle tent

Outside Spiegle tent ( Too poor to get inside!)

Tamara Cordon

Jake Wilson
A friend took this shot ages ago. I think its cool!

My first peacock experience! Kind of burlesque......esque.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Wheeling

Fad: An interest followed with exaggerated enthusiasm.
Trend: A general direction in which something tends to move.
Classic Fashion: Something that doesn't go out of fashion, it’s a classic and stays indefinitely, evolving with current and past trends.

Current Fad– Jeggings.

Came out in 2009, didn't last much more than a year. They look like jeans, but are stretchy and fit like leggings. Often made in a fabric that resembles denim. Originally came from Japan Street fashion and became popular from Top Shop.
The Jeggings bubbled up as they didn't originate from anyone or anything, they went in and went straight back out! They were a social statement.
The most fashion influence is:
1. TV 2. Magazines 3. Fashion Innovators 4. Clubs 5. Movies stars 6.  Movies 7. Music videos 8. Internet 9. Streets 10. Advertising 11. Friends and families 12. Billboards .

Current Trend– Military

Has come out in the last 2 years or so and is being seen a lot on the catwalks. Combat boots and kaki green is very popular at the moment. Military was inspired by military uniforms of the Georgian and Victorian eras.
Military style bubbled up as it came from the 18th Century and will continue to become more popular and stylised.
The most fashion influence is:
1. Movies 2. Streets 3.TV 4. Magazines 5. Fashion Innovators 6.Movie Stars 7. Internet 8. Advertising 9.Music videos 10. Billboards 11. Clubs 12. Friends and families

Current classic Fashion: Little black dress

Originally from Coco Chanel in 1926, now slightly shorter and embellishments are added to maintain current fashion and to keep the style fresh. Sleaves are also added or altered to give the cute little dress a twist.
This was a trickle down effect, originally coming from Chanel but the idea of a ‘black’ dress being inspired after her lover Boy Capel died in 1919, and the first black dresses she designed thereafter “were inspired by the simple black mourning attire worn by peasant women in the French villages she knew as a child,” 
The most fashion influence is:
1. TV 2. Magazines 3. Fashion Innovators 4. Billboards 5. Movies stars 6.  Movies 7.   Advertising 8. Internet 9. Streets 10. Music Videos 11. Friends and families 12. Clubs.
I think  femininity and more fitted well presented styles will be the in the up coming style trends. A subtle palette of peach,creams,beige.